Welcome to J&S Industrial Supply, Inc.!

We were founded in 1992 in Birmingham, Alabama. We understand that the best customer is a satisfied customer. With that in mind we have made it our goal to provide the highest quality products with matching service. At J&S we not only stock product, we help our customers find products that are not as available as stock items (some of those items have become stock items for us at the customer’s request). That is what we think business is all about, a mutually beneficial relationship based on trust and performance. Give us an opportunity to help you with your industrial supply needs.

Below you will find some product lines that may be helpful to you.
• Fasteners • Cutting Tools • Fittings • Construction Supplies
• Aerosols • Degreaser • Lubricants • Electrical


1712 1st Avenue West • Birmingham, Alabama 35208 • 205-786-0270 Office • 205-991-7537 Fax • james@jsindustrialpro.com

Obviously this site is under construction. Please contact us directly for superior service!